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What does boho decoration mean?

The boho decorating style is a free style, which does not follow patterns or have strict rules. Its grace lies in the fact that it mixes different styles of decoration with a certain ease.


He decoration of a home should be in the image and likeness of the people who live in it. So if you have always had a ‘rebellious’ side or prefer to decorate your home feeling free and avoiding stereotypes, the boho style of decoration is precisely what you are looking for.


One of the keys to the boho style is that there are no rules. Anything goes as long as you like it and feel comfortable. So why not install a hammock or hanging chair in the bedroom? Or in the living room? Free yourself from decorative corsets!

The boho environment is culturally rich, carefree and liberating with a continuous search for happiness and inner peace.

If you have traveled and selected articles and elements from other parts of the world to incorporate into your home decoration, the boho style is for you do you have a similar interest in style and zeal for life? If so, let me help you decorate your room. Take a look at our bohemian products.