Tintorero Hanging Chair handmade woven with caramel colored cotton thread

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In doma Bohemian furniture of hammocks we offer you the hanging chair of Tintorero, made with cotton thread.

Tintorero, a small town near Barquisimeto, is where the best hammocks of Venezuela are woven with the cotton wick thread. Each hammock is unique. Tintorero, declared Cultural Heritage of the country, is known for the sale of handicrafts, especially the weaving that is started by the natives who used cotton to weave hammocks and hammocks. Tintorero owes its name to the ink, which has been used to dye the threads and fabrics that the inhabitants of this town create, the variety of colors used by the craftsmen made this name an excellent application. Many years ago it was woven with sheep wool, today that has changed and the thread is worked.

In Venezuela the hammock is woven a dense weave like a cloth.
Knitting hammocks and chinchorros is for indigenous women or peasants throughout the country one of the most important sources of income in their domestic economy.

It turns out that its magnificent history, how the fabric was introduced and how generations of violinists were established in the town, is narrated by anyone who lives there or produces handicrafts,

From the looms arise works of art, true quality in the fabric and beauty in the combination of colors and designs.




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