Native basket Yekuana vegetal dyes and moriche Eluney


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Each basket is full of the feelings that the craftsman transmitted through her hands and will undoubtedly attract the eyes of everyone who visits your home.

Creation process

Harvesting and selecting Palm Fronds

Only the freshest, newest palm fronds are selected and gathered from the wild Chunga palm. These trees are covered in 6″ spikes, making gathering these fronds a dangerous effort using hand-crafted ladders and machetes.

Vegetal Dyes

Shredded palm fronds, dried in the sun, readily absorb the vegetal dyes created out of local resources. Roots, berries and river silt are just some of the items that are used to boil, bury, and simmer palm fronds in to take on vibrant colors.

Extracted from the Rainforest

Traditional Coil Construction

Each piece is begun with a small knot of gathered and dried palm frond, then as that bundle of palm starts to wrap around the center it is meticulously covered. The internal coils are covered completely by the colored palm fronds, thin as thread, using a sewing needle.

Hand-Stitched by ancestral weavers.

Technical specifications

Measurements: 13 inches height 10 inches width

Materials: Vegetal dyes and moriche

A little more about the Yekuana tribe

The Yekuana who inhabit Southern Venezuela l are a relatively small indigenous group. They live in the Orinoco Basin of Venezuela. Their name means “people of the rivers”. They live in small villages along the shores of several rivers in this basin, relying on the water for their livelihood.

Yekuana Indians are involved in making beautifully intricate basket weavings. Baskets play a significant role in the lives of the Yekuana and each stage of their life cycle is honored with an exchange of baskets that occurs between the sexes. In the village, men must prove themselves before they are able to marry. They must design a family crest for their proposed family and they must prove to their wife’s family that they are capable of producing all of the baskets that she will need to take care of the home.

Basketry is often considered a functional art due to the duality of baskets as both cultural artifacts and functional quotidian objects. Due to this duality, baskets can be found in both museum displays and daily use, depending on the location and implementation of the owners.




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