Long Horn D.E.L. Sofa Bed


In the belief of bringing adaptable, flexible furniture solutions to everyday life, our Long Horn sofa solves it all. Long Horn is a design developed for lounging and sleeping alike.

Design by Per Weiss, Oliver & Lukas WeissKrogh 2008, 2015

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Description The Long Horn sofa bed originates from our Modular philosophy, creating an extended lounge area by adding the Long Horn chair as lounger or simply place it as chair. Long Horn has three positions; sit, relax and sleep that easily transform to your favorite position as well as the excessed pocket spring pocket provides comfortable seating and sleeping.

Long Horn’s design has wheels integrated into the base frame, enabling easy mobility and thus making it perfect for flexible living, effectively transforming your living space. The backrest is easily operated in three adjustable levels – all you need to choose is your preferred level. The mattress is crafted by an excess pocket spring core that ensure you and your guests comfortable seating, lounging or sleeping comfort. Long Horn is simply in a class of its own and guaranteed to Expand Your Living Space.

Maximum Supported Weight 330 kg
Gap From Floor To Base 11 cm


Innovation Living

Innovation Living™ is a Danish furniture company built on the proud Danish tradition of furniture design. We believe that form and function must go hand in hand to create innovative, durable designs for everyday use. Since 1989 we have dedicated ourselves to Design and development of multifunctional sofa beds, but it all started in 1971 with a good idea in the spirit of the flower power generation – beanbags of the founder, Flemming Højfeldt. As the concept grew, Innovation Living™ was rewarded with several design prizes and engaged in a very fruitful cooperation with the famous Danish designer, Verner Panton. Today we are proud to be able to call Innovation Living ™ a renowned sofa bed specialist.    


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