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Native baskets

It was an unforgettable experience to get to know the work of these women up close, each basket is full of the feelings that the craftsman transmitted through her hands and will undoubtedly attract the eyes of everyone who visits your home.

Creation process

Harvesting and selecting Palm Fronds

Only the freshest, newest palm fronds are selected and gathered from the wild Chunga palm. These trees are covered in 6″ spikes, making gathering these fronds a dangerous effort using hand-crafted ladders and machetes.

Vegetal Dyes

Shredded palm fronds, dried in the sun, readily absorb the vegetal dyes created out of local resources. Roots, berries and river silt are just some of the items that are used to boil, bury, and simmer palm fronds in to take on vibrant colors.

Extracted from the Rainforest

Traditional Coil Construction

Each piece is begun with a small knot of gathered and dried palm frond, then as that bundle of palm starts to wrap around the center it is meticulously covered. The internal coils are covered completely by the colored palm fronds, thin as thread, using a sewing needle.

Hand-Stitched by ancestral weavers.

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