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How we process your online purchase

Most of our products are always in stock; however, due to supply chain issues caused by current world events, some products (especially those made in Europe) may be temporarily out of stock.

Doma Bohemian Furniture will always do its best to please its customers, that is why we provide you with information on how we process your online purchases in the case of products in stock, as well as products out of stock.

Purchase process of products in stock

Once you place an order, we will check with our warehouses and the manufacturer if the product is in stock.

if the product is in stock, it can be shipped within 1-2 weeks (usually ships within a few days), we will capture the payment only before the order is ready to ship. Once shipped, we will provide carrier tracking.

Purchase process for orders out of stock

Once you place an order, we will verify with our warehouses and manufacturer if the product(s) is(are) in stock. If your product is not in stock, we will notify you and keep your order in place. Doma Bohemian Furniture and the manufacturer will put your order on our “first come, first served” list of back orders. We will also let your payment expire so you won’t be charged while keeping your place in line. This means that you are not actually charged for the order.

Once your order is available, our manufacturers will notify us and we will notify you, so please provide us with an email and phone number that you use regularly. We will also send a new invoice requesting payment (since we let your original payment lapse). Once we receive your payment authorization for your entire bill, we will ship your order and provide you with tracking.

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