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How to make a hat wall?

Home Decor with Hats

During my last vacation in Colombia I visited a lovely place where they used hats as decoration instruments, it was wow! and I wanted to bring these ideas to our Doma Bohemian Furniture clients, I will show you the step by step to decorate your spaces with hats!

Here are some inspirational pictures showing how to decorate with hats.

Step One

Gather your hats and lay them out on the floor to see what kind of design you want. Either go symmetric and organized with rows and columns. Or create a cluster.

Step Two

Try to use similar sized hats (if possible). If you have a lot of varying sizes, you may want to go with the cluster approach.

Step Three

Line the top of the hats up so that they’re even. Your nails won’t be perfectly level since the brim of hats will vary in width.

Step Four

Place your thumbtacks in the wall, or a small nail, and just hang the hats from there. The thumbtack is plenty and won’t damage the hats.

Step five

If you’d rather go the less organized way, a cloud of hats is also fun. Just create a cluster of them and hang a bunch!

Step Six

Use thumbtacks or thin picture frame nails and add them to your wall. If you’re going freeform, start at the top and work your way down and out. If you’re doing a more organized approach, you will want to line up the top of the rim of the hats so your nails may not be perfectly level.

Arrange hats vertically, horizontally, or scattered
Combine with art prints, plant shelves, and scarves for an eclectic, textured display

Choose hat colors that complement your room and tie the color scheme together
Whether you have two hats or twenty-two hats, these accessories can make a statement in your room in addition to your wardrobe!

Looking to start your hat collection? Shop the accessories at the bottom of this post! 

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